Audition Notices:

  • Anton Chekhov's


  • Produced by Peter Bobchin

  • Directed by Spencer Monaghan

AUDITION DATES: February 10, 11 at 7:00 PM
CALL BACKS by Invitation Only: February 13 at 7:00 PM

SHOW DATES: May 22 thru 30
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM
Sunday at 2:00 PM



For your audition, please prepare 2-3 minutes of dialogue where your character is particularly dominant (“leading the action”) selected from the work of Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen, Arthur Miller, or Tennessee Williams that best shows your ability to play the characters you are auditioning for. Please bring two copies of your text as you will be asked to read with someone in the room and make directional adjustments. You may also bring a speech from any of these authors’ works. Don’t be afraid to bring in Chekhov! Feel free to use objects and clothing appropriate to your character as a supplement to your work.

The director is open to nontraditional casting regarding ethnicity, gender, gender expression, and age. Actors of all ethnicities and genders are encouraged to audition for the role they are most drawn to. The age descriptions listed are those of the character- the actor may well fall outside of the listed range on either end.

(the Professor)
to play late 50’s-60’s: a retired university art professor who has lived comfortably in the city off the profits of his late first wife’s estate, managed by Sonya and Vanya. Infirm, curmudgeonly, intellectual. The estate revolves around his whims.

ELENA ANDREEVNA (his Wife) to play mid 20’s- early 30’s: Beautiful, alluring, and inhibited. Covers her vulnerability with indifference. Along with her husband she upsets the status quo of life on the estate.

to play early 20’s: Everyone sees her as a “plain sort of girl”. Emboldened by the feeling that she is invisible- not afraid of confrontation.

MARYA VASSILYEVNA VOINITSKAYA to play 60’s-70’s: Mother of Vanya, and the professors first wife. Widow of a privy councilor. Preoccupied with women’s liberation. Dignified, progressive, idealistic. Believes wholeheartedly in the professor’s benevolence and wisdom.

IVAN PETROVICH VOINITSKY (VANYA, her Son) to play 40’s-50’s: Manages the estate with Sonya. Always able to find something to argue about with someone. Volatile, sensitive, afraid, remorseful, vengeful.

MIKHAIL LVOVICH ASTROV to play 30’s to 40’s: a country doctor. Tends to the professor’s ailments. He is discontent with the state of the world and his inability to change it, as well as the unwillingness of the people around him to make an effort to do so. Idealist, passionate, visionary, intelligent.

ILYA ILYCH TELEGIN(Waffles): to play 30’s-50’s: an impoverished landowner, who is a dependent of the professor’s estate. He is called waffles on account of his pockmarked face. Ideally, plays the guitar. Charming, witty, magnanimous, sincere. If not a bit daft at times.

MARINA TIMOFEEVNA to play 60’s-80’s: an old nanny. Somewhat eccentric, but grounded. Extremely sensitive and caring, maternal, faithful, playful.

WORKMAN any age